June 2024 Promotion

Available on PrifeVIP.com under either the REGISTER or PIN Purchase menu items, or on OUR WEBSITE HERE:
The available options are summarized as follows:
Diamond Life + Diamond Life:
Get a box of Diamond Life +
 a bonus box of Diamond Life for $450 Total
 - a $310 Savings!
Classic + Classic:
Get a Classic Blower +
 a bonus Classic Blower for $600 Total 
 - a $200 Savings!
OxyTap + Pro:
Get an OxyTap +
 a bonus Pro Blower for only $6,200 Total 
 - a $3,300 Savings!
Bio + Pro:
Get a Bio Foot Spa +
 a bonus Pro Blower for only $5,200 Total 
 - a $3,300 Savings!

Premium Plus + 4 Envy-Specs:
Not available on our website. Only available on PrifeVIP.com under REGISTER or UPGRADE.

The discounted products (extra box of Diamond Life, 2nd Classic blower, and discounted Pro blowers) DO NOT come with PV nor can they be used to register someone in your downline.
For more information on how to use your Top Up Link, click HERE
For more information on how to REGISTER someone new, click HERE
Included videos will walk you through the process step-by-step!
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