Send product & promo specific links

If you have already joined our Referral Program, then you can log into your portal and get links for any of our products that contain your unique Referral ID. You can even shorten the product links to be much shorter and simpler for easier posting in text messages, chat groups, or social media posts. AND, at the end of this post, we show you how to download images that can be used with your referral link in any email, texts, chats, and posts.

If you are not sure whether you have a Referral ID with us, please just send us a text at 801-794-5202 and we'll be happy to look up your email address to see. If we can't find you, we will gladly add one for you so you can use these links to help your customers more easily order the Prife products using all major credit cards, and we send you the PINs that can be used in the Prife backoffice to register your customer in your own downline!

Here are the steps to log into your Referral Program Portal and get the specific link for a Prife promo or any product on our website!

If you want an image to send with your link, then follow these last 3 steps.

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