Glossary of Terms

A company or person holding iTeraCare stock (in the US and other countries). This is the location from which your product will ship. Can also be thought of as a Fulfillment Center. Often referred to in the backoffice as "Company Join".

Stockists in the US are designated by State (ie. Utah, Georgia, Idaho, California, Guam, Hawaii, etc). However, most Stockists can ship anywhere in the US as well as up into Canada and down into Mexico and Central/South America. For example, Utah can ship anywhere in the US (including Alaska and Hawaii) within 2 days.

As inventory at each Stockist is often sold out (or pre-orders being taken for coming shipments of product), it can be hard to determine who to order from to get product the quickest. Currently, there are many Stockists that list their stock levels and coming shipment dates on Telegram groups. For a list of these, see our blog post called "Stockist Telegram Channel List" on this website.

We, the UTAH Stockist, maintain stock update messages on our main telephone number, 801-794-5202, or you can text us at that same number any time for stock updates or questions.

The people you sponsor and the people they sponsor, down so many levels, depending on your current package (Silver, Gold or Diamond). 

Complete downline structure regardless of sponsor

PIN - What is a PIN? 
A PIN has multiple purposes. Think of it as a token that gives you permission to do 2 different things: 
Redeem for Product and Enroll New Member or Upgrade Current Member

Redeem for Product
When purchasing a PIN you also order product at the same time. Each Classic, IONShield, or 7 Wonders PIN costs $350. A Premium PIN costs $1,050, specifically for a Premium blower. For a Pro blower, you would need to purchase 10 Classic PINs for a total of $3,500, and select “iTeraCare Pro” as the product to be delivered.

Enroll New Member
PINs enable you to register a new member with one of the following packages:

SILVER (only 1 Classic, IONShield, or 7 Wonders PIN)
GOLD (requires 3 Classic, IONShield, or 7 Wonders PINs or 1 Premium PIN)
DIAMOND (requires 10 Classic, IONShield, or 7 Wonders PINs)

Upgrade Current Member
PINs enable you to upgrade a current member to one of the following packages:

GOLD (3 Classic, IONShield, or 7 Wonders PINs or 1 Premium PIN)
DIAMOND (10 Classic, IONShield, or 7 Wonders PINs)

PINs can be accumulated like gift certificates to be used later. You order product with each PIN purchase, but you don't enroll or upgrade anyone until you have enough PINs to upgrade yourself. They can also be used to upgrade other downline members so you can balance out your legs and get pairing and matching bonuses.

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